Water Heaters

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Water Heaters



Here at Flat-Out Plumbing, we strive to supply the best line of products on the market. All of the brands we carry have been tested and trusted throughout the plumbing industry for decades. That is why we chose Bradford White Water Heaters as our brand of choice when it comes to a traditional tank type water heater. Bradford White offers a lot to their consumers by carrying a large selection of  Energy Star Rated water heaters. From their patented “HydroJet” self-cleaning system, to their “VitraGlas” porcelain enamel lining, you couldn’t ask for a better traditional water heater. That is why Flat-Out Plumbing offers “warranty match” on all the traditional water heaters we install. Whether you plan on going with a standard 6 year water heater or a 10 year Pro extension, we will stand behind you and our products every step of the way, for as long as your heater is covered under the manufacture warranty, its hassle free. We also offer a one year maintenance program that will cover the manufacturers recommended maintenance so that your water heater will far exceed its average life expectancy after your warranty expires.


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